One of the first steps towards owning a home is selecting the right mortgage for your future.
As you search, the options can be overwhelming but the stress of missing out on choices that you didn’t know were available is even worse.  The last thing you want to live with are regrets that could have been avoided but thankfully the buying process can be easy and exciting.

Meet Marina Vander Heyden of  VINE Group, one of Canada’s top mortgage Teams operating under Mortgage Alliance.  Marina is a well-respected, well-connected mortgage professional and shopping for solutions tailored to your needs is her expertise.  She is a dedicated financial expert who guides you through all the rates, dates, terms and paperwork that comes with purchasing a property.  Making an informed decision regarding your mortgage requires constant research and experience.  Don’t get discouraged.  Get approved.  Get the best rates and advice.  Get in touch with Marina and get started today.